Welcome new committee for 2020

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our committee and members who put in the work this year to take this club from such a low point, all the way to the positive position we are in now. 

This club has always been built on good people, working extremely hard and I think we definitely brought that back in 2019.

On Sunday, the 2019 Altona Roosters Annual General Meeting was held. I felt the meeting went smoothly, with all issues rising being handled swiftly and with obvious preparation. We made 5 key changes to the constitution which will be available for perusal in the next 2 weeks or so. It is also important to note that our financials were not able to be passed yet as they have not been audited, although all the figures added up and were available for member perusal. Our books will be audited in the next 2 weeks and the statements will be available on the website soon. 

In the coming weeks, we will have a profit and loss statement, minutes from the AGM, as well as copies of the updated constitution available in the (not yet created) documents section of the website. 

We will also see the announcement of our new committee on our facebook page as we still have lots of people putting their hand up to be on the general committee for this year. 

My priorities over the next 2 months will be as follows:

  • Updating constitution
  • Updating website
  • creating some off-season income (through sponsorship, fundraising and more)
  • creating job descriptions for committee
  • creating Team Managers manual
  • Working with new Head Coach Dan Hall, to create junior Coaching framework and manual
  • preparing for 2020, i.e. ensuring we have jerseys, equipment, fields for preseason, etc.

We are looking at starting the club's preseason in the first or second week of January, please expect lots of correspondence from the club between now and then. 

If anyone has any questions feel free to call me directly on 0431 286 661.


Thanks again for your support of our great club. 

Up the Roosters!



Jackson Brenchley